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The process that Fundiciones Lombide, S.A. it uses, is based on the fusion of ingots of the necessary aluminum alloy, in furnaces by means of heat. Once the aluminum has been melted, the operators with some saucepans, pour it into a mold (coquilla) so that once the aluminum is cold, remove it from the mold and thus get the piece.

The pieces have sprues and burrs that must be sawed, sanded and filed so that it can be considered a finished product when it comes to casting.

We use both electricity and natural gas so the furnaces can heat and melt the aluminum.

We have three gas ovens, two of them with a 250kg capacity, another with a 350kg capacity for daily work, and a 60kg electric room that we use when the run is short, apart from saws, sandpaper and other props for top off the cast finish.

As the only raw material, we use ingots of different aluminum alloys for molding that we acquire from highly trusted refining companies. Normally we work with aluminum alloys EN AC-44100 (L-2520 or food aluminium), EN AC-45000 (L-2620) and EN AC-43000 (L-2560), all of them with different characteristics, always depending on the characteristics of the piece.

Normally, clients provide us with the drawing of the parts they want to make and we get in touch with several die makers to request estimates for the construction of the mold (coquilla), and in this way we participate and get involved in its construction in order to design it according to our molding technique.

We have clients who want the finished part with anodizing, hardness heat treatment, machining, etc. all this depending on the part and its alloy, for which we contact the different companies that provide us with these finishes and thus comply with the needs of our clients.

We adapt to what the client needs.


In 1907, Remigio Lombide Unzueta, the second son of 4 brothers, was born in Legutio (Villarreal de Alava)

The whole family moved to Aretxabaleta (Gipuzkoa) where Remigio Lombide Unzueta, from the age of 14, has worked in a steel foundry and eventually founded his first aluminum foundry together with his younger brother Francisco. It is in this foundry where Remigio Lombide Unzueta begins his career in the world of aluminum.

He married Marina Herrera Gonzalez and they have 5 children, the youngest being Remigio Lombide Herrera. His only male child who, from the age of 14, also enters the world of aluminum together with his father.

Being already settled in Bilbao, he participates in several aluminum foundry projects, exporting to Equatorial Guinea. Among all of them, of which the best memories are preserved, the pressure cooker called "LOMBI". Until in 1972 he founded Fundiciones Lombide together with his son Remigio Lombide Herrera to dedicate himself body and soul to the production of aluminum parts in gravity chills, and set up shop at Calle Doctor Diaz Emparanza, 31, 4 planta, 48012 in Bilbao.

We have clients with whom we work since these times.

In 2003 Remigio Lombide Unzueta died after working almost until the last years of his life in its foundry.

The city of Bilbao grows in such a way that it ends up surrounding the building where the company is located and seeing that it is impossible to work in these conditions, in 2007 the aluminum smelter moved and finally established itself in the Murga Industrial Estate, Industrialdea de Aiala , Nave 5, 01479, Murga, Alava.


Murga Industrial Estate, Industrialdea de Aiala, Nave 5, 01479, Murga, Álava, Spain

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